Diabetic Cake Recipes - Guide to Low Sugar Intake

When you are suffering from diabetes it is important to stock up certain items that will not let you feel left out at family celebrations or if possible give yourself a treat now and again. The sugar free diabetic cake mix should be a regular item in the pantry to make your desserts or even use in order to lower the sugar intake for other people in the family. On the other hand, even though you are using this sugar free mix you definitely don't want this dessert to come out tasting like the regular diet treats.

If you need guidance when making your cakes and desserts, the following suggestions will be able to have them tasting more the like the actual treats all the time.

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First, simply by making use of applesauce as a fractional alternative for the cooking oil whenever you are creating delights from the sugar free mix this could aid in the reduction of both the fat and sugar within the particular recipe. The end result will enhance the taste and make it more desirable for both dieters and diabetics. The applesauce will enhance the actual texture but you should not go over the top with it, this substitute should be about half the quantity of the cooking oil and you will receive the best results.

Diabetic Cake Recipes - Guide to Low Sugar Intake

An additional strategy to enhance your cake mix will be to utilize a flavorsome dessert blend having absolutely no sugar in order to make layers in this cake. Generally, the basic sugar-free cakes might taste bland, but when you add a flavorful and creamy dessert blend somewhere between, such as a lemon cake mixes it will add some appeal. Additionally, you could create sugar free icing from one of the dessert mixes, such as this, simply by combining and preparing this in accordance to the actual directions on the package; this could then mix into a cool whip. You could include an additional dessert blend if you wish, by using an extra egg which will give you a moist rich pudding.

There is also the option of adding a can fruit to the particular sugar free mix and this can include crush peaches, mangoes or pineapples. The ideal fruit mix should be packed in water instead of syrup, because you want to use less sugar and the syrup will definitely add more calories and sugar. You might be thinking that the fruit will be sweet as well, but you have to understand that the fruit will add just the right amount of moisture and natural sweet taste to this dry or bland cake mix.

In conclusion, you could utilize fresh fruit juice as an alternative to the milk or water with the sugar free diabetic cake mix. The defrosting of orange concentrate will be a great technique in order to include a lemon flavor, which usually goes nicely with chocolate cake. If you like, you could also use vanilla flavoring or apple juice along with an angel food cake blend to include a subtle apple taste. All of this is just a few simple ways to really improve your diabetic cake mix, so you won't feel deprive or left out of the festivities.

Diabetic Cake Recipes - Guide to Low Sugar Intake

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